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Update on Barcelona#3 PR International Conference 2013

BCN Meeting Com #3 Barcelona PR International Conference 2013 tendrá lugar el próximo 2 y 3 de julio de 2013 en Barcelona. La tercera edición de la conferencia se titula: Representing PR: Images, Identities, and Innovations

La convocatoria de ponencias y detalles para asistir al Barcelona Meeting #3 está disponibles en la página web –

BCN Meeting PR



Since at least the start of the 20th century, public relations has had an image problem. The conference will explore the many facets of this around the general theme of representations of PR. We offer the following questions not as a definitive list, but as prompts for a spread of responses:

– Who best represents PR: the practitioners, the professional associations (national and/or international), the scholars?
– How has PR been represented historically (e.g., who were the earliest practitioners, how have historians in general and PR historians in particular represented the growth of the field)
– What have been the key innovations in PR across time and who pioneered them?
– How have media represented PR in different films and in television series?
– Is the rise of activist, critical, and radical PR changing how the field is represented?
– What self-images do practitioners have of themselves and how do others seem them?
– Is PR clearly a mutually beneficial set of activities or does PR have an identity crisis or need a different rationale?
– Who represents PR in different sectors (e.g., education, not-for-profit, politics)
– How do images of PR vary from country to country and are there key commonalities and differences?
– How does a profession and discipline with a low reputation defend the reputation of others?
– As PR strives for academic recognition, how can it best represent itself as a field able to attract the best and brightest?
– Should PR always represent, or be involved in, the CSR for organisations?
– How does PR represent itself in relation to issues and crisis management?
– In a time of economic uncertainty is PR too closely connected with business or not connected closely enough

We are particularly honoured that the man we see as the world’s leading PR academic (as well as a pretty impressive practitioner), Professor Bob Heathhas generously agreed to run a plenary session on the two Encyclopedias of PR. Following on the success of the first PR encyclopedia, EPR2 is scheduled for publication in 2013 and promises to be a landmark moment for the field. 

We have tentative confirmation from many of our other high reputation international supporters that they will be returning – special mention to Professor Judy Motion for giving us great PR at the Global Alliance conference in Melbourne – and have an impressive list of Catalonian and Spanish presenters. We also hope to introduce a special session around Representing PR History with Professor Tom Watson (TBC) and Professor Ray Hiebert plans to attend. 

The special edition of papers from the first 2011 conference in Barcelona is now in print in a Special Issue section in the current Public Relations Review and there will be a special issue of PR Review for this 2013 conference that should be open enough to include most of the 2013 theme-related 2012 papers as well. More information on that when we have it but, for planning purposes, the submission date for consideration for the journal will be after the end of the conference itself.

Deadline for abstracts: To submit an abstract for an individual presentation (abstracts of between 250-300 words) or a panel (3 presenters maximum and overall submission to have 250 word abstract and 3 shorter abstracts up to 200 words each) January 18, 2013

Acceptance notification (by email) will be no later than Monday, February 4, 2013

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